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Sloppy Seconds Cum As lube Phrases and Terminology


Buttered Bun

The term goes back to the1970’s and was used in the “Joy Of Sex” book. A buttered bun is the highest bond between two male buddies. To have sex with a woman, creampie cum inside her pussy and then the other male has sex with her right after. The internal creampie cum gets all over the second guy’s penis.

Used in a sentence “Your turn bro, I got her pussy all buttered up for you bro”

Buttered Bun means the same as sloppy seconds although the term is much older.


Stirring The Porridge

Often used to describe putting a cock into a pussy already filled with the previous guy’s cumshot. As the last guy inserts his dick her stirs the creampie cum deposited by the first guy. The next guy mixes his cumshot with the cumshot from the first guy, stirring the creampies inside the girl’s pussy mixing with her juices for a wet sloppy second fuck.



Sloppy Seconds

Shagging a pussy minutes after the previous guy, using his cum as lube for sloppy seconds. Sloppy seconds refers to having sex with a girl who already has another man’s sperm inside her vagina. Can also be a gangbang with multiple creampie loads already in her pussy.

Sloppy seconds is when a man has bareback unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman when her vagina still contains sperm from the previous partner. The cum already inside her pussy is used as lubricant.

Sloppy seconds is when a guy fucks a girl in either the pussy or ass soon after another guy has fucked her. The first guy cums inside her pussy or arse leaving a creampie. Therefore, the second guy is fucking a wet sloppy cum filled pussy or ass – sloppy seconds.

Sloppy seconds is when a girl fucks the first guy and doesn’t cleanup the cum before fucking the next guy. The cum inside her is used as lubricant for the next guy. Obviously the guys must fuck her bareback, with no condom, to experience true sloppy seconds with the other guy’s cum used as lube.

Often the creampie cum from the first guy is oozing from the girl’s pussy as the second guy goes next. The last guy pushes the cum back into her already cum-filled pussy with his dick fucking her sloppy wet hole. Creampie cum is used as lube for sloppy seconds.

Sloppy seconds after another guy has already mixed his juices with the girl’s juices. Bareback no-cleanup going next for sloppy seconds.

Sloppy seconds- engaging in sexual inrtercourse when ejaculation has already occurred in the same orefice by another male not long before. The sperm is used a natural lubricant for the next male.

Traditionally the term “sloppy seconds” describes vaginal creampies, but can also be an anal creampie sloppy seconds, giving a sloppy seconds handjob with the cum from the first guy used as lubricant. Also blowjob sloppy seconds with a mouth filled with cum from another guy or titfuck sloppy seconds after another guy has already cum between her tits. Even footjob sloppy seconds using another man’s cum as lube on the next guy.

Sloppy Seconds has many other slang phrases. Buttered Bun is sometimes used to describe a vagina already filled with sperm from another man. Fucking the sloppy seconds is sometimes referred to as Wet Deck. Another term is Stirring The Porridge often used to describe putting a penis into a pussy already filled with another mans creampie cumshot.


Creampie Sloppy Seconds



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