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Bad Teacher Makes Student Sword Play In Her Mouth. Anastasia Rose almsot-bi MMF threesome rubbing two cocks together. Friendly fire cumshot then rubbing two cocks together with cumlube. Double barrel handjob and sloppy seconds handjob using cum for lube. Anastasia Rose is very upset with her students Tristan Sweet & Alex Adams. The boys keep making lewd jokes and laughing during sex ed. Anastasia threatens to send them to the principal or worse tell their mothers. The boys plead with their teacher not to tell on them and Anastasia realizes she has complete control over the boys. She begins rubbing their cocks through their uniform and the boys are shocked. She tells them if they want to get out of trouble they will do everything she says they she tells them to drop their pants. Nervously the students do as they are told and Anastasia drops to her knees to suck both of their cocks. She coerces the boys closer together until their penises touch freaking both boys out. She reminds them again they are in no position to argue and she put both penises in her mouth simultaneously. She sucks and strokes the cocks together and teases them about how much they enjoy touching penises. Next Anastasia orders the boys to the couch. She opens it up and forces them to scissor each other until their balls are pressed together. Then the bad teacher sucks and strokes her student penises both individually and together until they both erupt. She licks the boys clean and warns them if they tell anyone about their punishment she will tell all their friends that they rubbed their hard cocks together.

Bad Teacher Makes Student Sword Play In Her Mouth Anastasia Rose Ginarys Kinky Adventures Clips4Sale

Title: Bad Teacher Makes Student Sword Play In Her Mouth Anastasia Rose Ginarys Kinky Adventures Clips4Sale

Duration:  18:00

Views:  4,671 views

Added on: December 25th, 2018

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